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"Keith is the absolute best! He listens, he cares and he spends time with you when you need it. I've been a patient for almost 3 years and he has taken great care of me during that time. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"
- Jennifer Gore, source: Google.com

"Every appointment I attend at nurse practitioners I am treated professionally and with great respect and confidentiality by the staff and doctors. This is truly a five star medical establishment."
- Rene Brooks, source: Google.com

"The new lady who runs the office is excellent!!! Keith W., should be congratulated for finding the best of the best! I highly recommend this practice and the office experience could not be more stellar! Congratulations and keep up the excellent customer service and medical service rendered...Again, thanks for caring about your patients!" 
- Lady Di, source: Google.com

"Thankful beyond measure to this facility. KEITH is the most caring professional I've come across, and his continuous care has already made a huge impact on my life. Also, YVONNE who works in the office seriously goes above and beyond to assist patients with any questions or concerns that they have. She always gets back to me with urgency and care. She's a genuine person who I'm sure does a lot more than she's required. While most places will brush you off and leave you with a headache, I trust that once I've brought up a concern to Yvonne- it will be handled. Thank you guys for changing my life and giving my the best experience every single visit!"
- Shawn Poxleitner, source: Google.com

"I was so comfortable talking to Keith about my health issues. It felt more like confiding to a close friend instead of a physician I just met. He is the most caring knowledgeable and compassionate provider I've ever seen. AAA+"
- Darlene Labus-Real, source: Google.com 

"I really love the office at 311 W. Laurel in San Antonio, TX. My Dr. and Phychiatrist Mr. Keith Wichinski, is awesome. He listens to me, he understands my bipolar the manias he treats me even in between visits when my condition is out of the normal. As long as I'm on my medicine though I'm usually alright though there are times and situations in life even I have to go to Keith and that's unplanned and that's when I'm glad to be a patient at Nurse Practitioner Associates!" 
- Igitha Diaz Ramirez, source: Google.com

"I've been seeing Keith for 3 years now. I highly recommend this place. The atmosphere is free, everyone is friendly, they're efficient, and I've never had an issue. The prices are reasonable, there's so many different services provided. It's the place to go, in my opinion." 
- Caralina Ariel Gonzales, source: Facebook.com

"Great, professional group, always ready to answer your questions and concerns. I would love to go back, maybe in near future."
- Elda Guerrero, source:

"Keith takes the time to listen to your needs. Great bedside manner and caring to his patients."
- Deborah Bynum, csource: Google.com

"As a new patient, they were quick to get me an appointment set up and in the office. I was even called back a few minutes early, which never happened at my previous office. Dr. Keith listened to all my health concerns and got me set up and back on track. I'm very glad my friend referred me to this office."
- Corey B., source:

"Keith is a very professional guy and will try to help you anyway he can. So glad to have found him!!!"
- Brandi Sanford Blanchard, source:

"Dr. Keith is the best & the staff is great & friendly atmosphere!"
- Danielle Eggleston, source:

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